“AGELESS is a speculative-fiction play set in a society where physical aging has been eradicated. The play follows Marin, a woman who chooses to defy social expectations and allow herself to age naturally. This brings her into conflict with her mother Olivia, one of the developers of the anti-aging drug and its staunchest advocate. AGELESS is about mothers and daughters, about our relationship with the environment and with one another, and about the necessity of rethinking our society’s attitudes toward aging and mortality”

                                                                               -Bridgette Dutta Portman

This show’s  Spotlight Charity was Meals on Wheels America.

ghosts of bogota

GHOSTS OF BOGOTA is a comedy about trauma. Three siblings, now late 20s to late 30s, return to their parents’ birth country to clean up the mess when their grandfather dies.  GHOSTS is a universal story about family secrets, told through a very specific Latinx lens, and a story about that unique immigrant experience of never feeling fully at home in any country that can claim you.

                                                                               -Diana Burbano

This show’s  Spotlight Charity was RAICES.


“Rights of Passage” – What happens when a white police officer comes to a law office to seek legal help after killing an unarmed black youth? Controversy and media attention hasn’t yet happened, but for the police officer, explaining what happened is more complicated than he bargained for.

                                                                               -Michelle Tyrene Johnson

This show’s  Spotlight Charity was Black Lives Matter.


Pravin Wilkins’ new play, “BARS”, takes place in Oklahoma City, a light-blue island in the middle of a deep-red state, a group of activists have been arrested for protesting the construction of a new oil pipeline. The harshest sentence of all has been reserved for a young, recently resettled refugee named Robi. This incendiary case triggers the surprise–and covert–homecoming of Dae, a recently-deported icon in the spoken word & underground hip-hop community. As prosecutors–led by District Attorney Alex Long–attempt to enforce the newly minted law behind the arrests, Dae launches an undercover campaign to earn Robi’s freedom.


Bars _ Four Walls Theater

This show’s  Spotlight Charity was TheKEEPERS